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Djoomba is for following low-traffic blogs and news sites. Instead of you regularly having to visit them, we will monitor them for you and compile a list of stories for you to read. We show them in chronological order and link directly to the original website.

Why Djoomba?
Less is better
Just your own stuff. We won't recommend "other reading" or "other sites.
Simple is better
We don't try to turn your items into a personal magazine, an email-type rss reader or use algorithmic newsfeeds. It's just a chronological list of stories from your favorite site
Nothing social
Just your content - no comments, likes or social media sharing. There are plenty of other places you can do that.
No ads
There is enough advertising and commercial content on the internet today. In the future, we might have to charge a small subscription fee to cover our costs and to invest in our service.
Djoomba will never sell or share your reading with anyone else.